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Another Artsy Burg

Paducah Building Art

Leaving Atlantic City we trace our way back through North Carolina and Tennessee and somewhere along the way stop, by pure chance, at a place called Lucky's BBQ and had lunch on the bed of the Dodge. By far the best restaurant brisket I, and the dogs, have ever eaten. Why can we not get brisket like this in California?

1000 foot tall towers of power plant serving the Oak Ridge national laboratory

Lucky's brisket and chicken and a less than perfect portrait of Eva

Paducah, Kentucky, on the Tennessee river, is another one of those many hidden gems of middle America. One of the surprising discoveries of this trip, is just how many little art centered communities there are in this country. Paducah clearly fits in that category and as an investment opportunity, it probably ranks high. Lots of old homes, full of traditional craftsman work, capable of restoration to a greater beauty than they originally possessed. Probably one of those, "why didn't i buy when i had the chance", kick yourself later, situations.

Our travels have given me the impression that one of the things that these little "art and tourist towns" have in common is a surplus of retiring baby boomers driving demand for housing. I would expect demand for retirement housing in these towns to increase through 2030.

After that demand may decrease. A "can't lose" investment situation would be to identify towns, similar to Paducah, located within easy access to medical facilities and to purchase properties for improvement and resale within these locations over the next ten years.

The 1887 hotel where we stayed was absolutely first class. Impeccably decorated in the finest taste. Two hundred dollars a night in Paducah, would have been $400 a night in L.A., minimum. I want, no... I need, a rain shower.

Sooo sooo nice ...

Some shots of Paducah ...

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