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Indian Country to Santa Fe

From Williams we head east across the high plains to to the La Posada resort in Santa Fe. Incredible scenery en route combined with views of grinding poverty. Its a little weird seeing brand new cars and trucks parked in front of homes which barely rise to the level of shacks. Very strange.

Santa Fe is known for its art

La Posada is an incredible resort. We could stay here for weeks if we won the lottery. Huge, well appointed rooms and our own private patio for the dogs. Santa Fe is about 7,000 feet up and the hotel warns guests about altitude sickness and offers Oxygen treatment in the spa.

I am sooooo spoiled ....

and so are the dogs ...

We were in Santa Fe for a Full day. We dropped the dogs off at the sitter' and toured the art museum and did the other standard tourista stuff. Here's some stuff we saw.

Had lunch at a Tapa's bar called "Boca". Excellent food. While we were eating it began to snow... in April. Glad i didn't bring my shorts.

Mussels and Grilled Chorizos

Stepping up onto the soapbox, in the center of town there is a plaza with a monument erected in 1866. One of the plaques on the monument has been recently altered.

Palmyra writ small

I don't think that the chiseled out word was "f***ing" given the year, so presumably, it was the word "savage". So now the physical historical evidence of people's attitudes in 1866 has been destroyed and for what? Was any Native American helped by this? Are their psyches so weak that they cannot withstand seeing how people thought in 1866? Is anyone going to look at the unaltered plaque and think "yeah man, that convinces me. they're savages"? I mean seriously. It really brings to mind Mark Styne's admonition that a successful multicultural society requires that people become less thin skinned, not more. But noooooo ...

UNESCO Director General Irina Bokova: There is, "absolutely no political or religious justification for the destruction of humanity's cultural heritage".

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