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On to Asheville

Final dead armadillo count appears to be 9. The critters must be weighted like a child's sippy cup in reverse, in that the intact dead ones always seem to end up on their backs. Not sure we'll see any more on the way to the coast but I'm continuing to count.

How big was it?

The last day in Memphis we visited the Memphis University Egyptian antiquities exhibition.

Memphis University

Unfortunately photos were verbotten but they had some nice stuff and we were able to get up close and personal with a real mummy. (Andrew Jackson, one of the founders of Memphis, named the city after the Egyptian city of Memphis located on the Nile). We also toured Overton park, named for one of the other two founders.


That afternoon we ate Cuban Tapas; excellent, and in the evening we ate a a Yakatori bar in Overton Square. Excellent food and very Keto friendly. Memphis is a gourmet's paradise.

Some Yakatori

Overton Square

As we left Memphis I took a picture of the house across the street as a final reminder of of the charm of the neighborhood.

Nice neighborhood ...

In response to a request, here's a couple of pics of the van. The Dodge Caravan has more than enough power, is relatively quiet and has just enough room for nearly everything we own in life.

We then proceeded to drive the longest leg of the trip, so far, and also the prettiest drive. The trees were all turning green and were punctuated by bursts of pink and white from patches of flowering trees.

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