The Desert to Williams, Arizona

First the desert. It hasn't changed much since i saw it last. Took a bunch of blurry pictures and the non-blurry ones were just boring as all hell.

Now on to Williams. The speed limit on Arizona freeways is 75 MPH. So cool ... Of course everyone drives at least 80. The Best Western here is much nicer. Little patches of snow on the ground. Williams has a much more prosperous look since my last visit here. More shops, more tourists, but no water tower; so much for that theme.

At lunch, absolutely nuked my Keto diet with deep fried and battered onion and jalapeno strings.

Damn this diet ... Damn it all to Hell !!!

Looking at the picture makes me wonder just how much of what happens to you in life depends on the personality of your face.

I mean "resting bitchy face is one thing" but "I've just eaten a lemon and i'm going to rip the heart out of anyone who says hi to me face" is another thing altogether. I did some research into this and apparently we are able to somewhat accurately judge someone's personality merely by looking at their face.

Not surprisingly the Cruiser's 66 Cafe has a sixties theme and plays 60's music continuously. Listening to the old tunes really brings home just how much of musical "progression" in the decades since has been the transition, in popular tastes, from hit melodies to hit rhythms, or as i like to put it, from civilization to primitivism. Now you kids get off my lawn ...

Dinner at Kicks on 66 within a short walk of the hotel. Continuing the destruction of my diet, this was by far the best dinner out recently anywhere, much less the best dinner of the trip. Chicken Chili Verde pot pie for me and Pork Osso Bucco for Eva. Service was great and food was just excellent. If we lived in Williams we'd eat here until we had exhausted the menu.

The dogs are under the table, the heater above our heads

Next, on to Santa Fe New Mexico ...

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