The Valley and Tehachapi

Highway 99 has certainly seen some improvement since the last time I drove it. Of course, it had nowhere to go but up. An uneventful drive with a quick stop in Kingsburg, nicknamed as "little Sweden" because it was settled by Swedish raisin growers in the late 1800's. It cannot be over emphasized that Kingsburg is home to the world's largest box of raisins and a collection of some of the most immaculately maintained $100,000 homes i have ever seen (seriously, apparently no one has anything else to do but work on their lawn). I think there are very few Swedes left as most of the casual conversations we overheard were in Spanish, albeit with a slight Swedish accent. (NTTAWWT). Side note: "... not that there's anything wrong with that" first became a catch phrase in a Seinfeld episode in the early 90's. The Kingsburg water tower is shaped like a giant Swedish teapot.

Kingsburg Water Tower

Onward to Tehachapi where we learn that Best Western dog friendly rooms smell like a bar of soap... held under your nose ... forever. Interestingly, the residents of Tehachapi do not eat out on Sunday as over half the restaurants are closed on that day. We chose to get take out from followers of one of the eastern religions, a Thai restaurant called Thai-hachapi. Excellent spicy eggplant. Highly recommended. As an added benefit, after dinner, the room smelled like soapy Thai food, a welcome respite.

Another Water Tower -- Collect Them All !!!

Tomorrow, Williams, Arizona.

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