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Vroom ... Vroom ...

You would think that if you're allowed to drive 80, and if you saw signs that said speed limits are strictly enforced, that you would get the hint and just chill and enjoy what you've been allowed. But noooooo .... we saw many folks getting tickets. WTF dude !!! Must you press every bet?

On a potholed interstate ...

In any event we raced across southern South Dakota on a very rough interstate, towards Mount Rushmore. Along the way, and I mean all along the way every 10 miles or so, we saw signs advertising Wall Drug, which apparently is a 76,000 square foot mall with every kind of tourist kitch you can imagine and with five cent coffee. We were slowly being massaged into a white hot heat of frenzied desire to see everything Wall Drug had to offer.

Finally, Wall Drug !!!!

After a hundred billboards or so over spread over hundred's of miles we were primed and ready and chomping at the bit. Finally, the Wall Drug exit. We pulled off and ... closed on Easter. I haven't been teased that much since high school.

Finally, we reach Keystone, the gateway to Mount Rushmore. We stay at a cure little cabin in the wilderness. Small but very nice with verdant grounds and bordering on a small creek.

The next day we visit Mount Rushmore and buy half the stuff in Keystone. This area has much, much more to offer than just Mount Rushmore and is worth an extended visit.

This area has more rock shops than grocery stores. Eva loves rocks. We bought some nice stuff.

Tomorrow, Wyoming ...

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