There's No Place Like Home

A short 5 hour drive from Winnemucca brings us finally to the end of our journey. Arriving home we find everything covered by a thin layer of pollen, the trees have leaves, the ivy has overgrown the walkway and Eva's car won't start.

Now is the time for judgement and links. The envelopes please:

Best Best Western - Best Western Plus, Winnemucca Nevada. Clean and modern large rooms. Food and gambling within walking distance. Decent breakfast.

Worst Best Western - Best Western Tehachapee. Small smelly rooms.

Overall, all of the Best Western Plus (you gotta get the Plus version) facilities were pretty good.

Best Bang for the Buck - La Posada, Santa Fe. Beautiful room with private outdoor patio. Expensive but still worth much more than we paid. An easy walk to many fine restaurants.

Best Roads - The southwest.

Worst Roads - South Dakota. It amazes me that they allow people to drive 80 mph on roads with many potholes the size of a trash can lid. To be fair, much of the road damage may have been a result of the flooding that they suffered.

Most Beautiful Scenery - Anywhere in the Appalachians and off-interstate Iowa.

Best Public Toilets - Any big truck stop. These places keep their pissoirs clean. There's absolutely no reason to stop at a small gas station when driving the interstate. And the fridge magnet selection is usually pretty good.

Roller grill at the QT truck stop

Best Rest Stops - In the Appalachians. Overall, there were no rest stops anywhere on the trip that were as vandalized and graffiti ridden as those that you find in California. In fact all of the rest stops outside of California were pretty nice. Travelers coming to California from out of state must be disgusted and appalled by our rest stops.

Biggest Surprise - Paducah Kentucky. Cosmopolitan and artistic. New York SoHo style hotel room at the 1887 hotel.

Biggest Disappointment - The AirBnB homes. Very inconsistent quality. The best feature was the availability of a kitchen and laundry facilities, but the beds were often uncomfortable and the neighborhoods less than sterling.

Best BBQ - Lefty's BBQ Crossville Tennesee. Neither over-smoked or over-seasoned. Pure brisket flavor.

Worse Restaurant Meal - Montana Mikes in Oklahoma. How is it possible to make a filet mignon tough and chewy?

Best Restaurant Meal - Robata Ramen and Yakitori Bar, Memphis.

I'll leave these posts up for a while but I plan to consolidate all of them into a single long post for general readers and to purge most of the family related commentary and pictures. The family related stuff I'll hide someone on the internet and will provide the link to those with interest.

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